Guilford County Schools works to fix air conditioning problems

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- More than 80 Guilford County schools have had some kind of cooling system problem since the start of the school year last week.

Scott McCully, Guilford County Schools chief operations officer, believes it is happening because of the heat, humidity and recent storms.

"We are 100 percent committed to getting air conditioning up and going in our schools just as quickly as possible,” McCully said.

The school system has hired an outside contractor and has a team working well into the evening to address the issues. McCully said most of the problems have been a quick fix.

McCully also believes some of the problems are happening because many of the cooling systems in the schools are old, but replacing them would be expensive.

Right now, GCS is in the process of putting in a new system in at the Academy at Lincoln. The project, which will be done in phases, costs roughly $3.8 million.

The maintenance budget for all the schools combined is $5 million.

To try to keep this from happening again in the future, the school system had previously hired a firm to evaluate the facilities. In the next couple months, they are hoping to use that information to figure out where upgrades are needed most.

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