Greensboro Aquatic Center holds groundbreaking ceremony for its fourth swimming pool

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Greensboro Aquatic Center held a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday for what will be the facility’s fourth pool.

Since opening seven years ago, their growing success is cause for a little more room. “Sometimes, like now it’s not so busy, but many times it’s very crowded depending on people’s schedules,” said Kurt Lauestein, a faithful swimmer.

Directors found a solution for the crowding, expand the pool area.

“It’s huge for our community,” said Susan Braman, the aquatic manager. “We know for certain it’s already having the attention of USA Swimming and the NCAA.”

The additional 19 lanes through the pool expansion is going to help accommodate swimmers.

“This is great flexibility,” said Braman. “It allows the swimmer to be in a more private location to do their warm up and cool downs.

They have a lot more of their own space. Some of our events are so big and there’s 15-1,600 swimmers in them and their sharing lanes.

This new pool will give competitors more space and flexibility for the local programs the Greensboro Aquatic Center hosts out of competitions.

“Over $150 million that has been generated from the outside meets that we’ve brought to Greensboro at the aquatic center,” said Matt Brown, complex director. “It’s by far paid for the initial cost of the aquatic center.”

They say the goal is the have the new pool finished next summer, before the July summer meet.

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