Thomasville homeowners wake up to officers and K-9s searching for break-in suspect

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Families are on edge after police searched through the night for a man they say broke into a business and ran into nearby neighborhoods.

James Barnett, 38, from Lexington, is in jail facing felony breaking and entering charges.

“I just saw the flashing lights and I opened my window and saw the cop cruisers,” Courtney Robinson said.

Robinson lives on Blair Street, across the way from this furniture business. Police say Barnett tried to break into the store. Surveillance video from the business captures the suspect going through the halls of the business.

An alarm went off and police came to investigate. They say when they spotted Barnett, he took off.

“We had cops at both ends of the road here, a unit was down there with the dogs, trying to pick up some scents or something,” Robinson said.

Thomasville police called in High Point police and K-9s for back up. The manhunt stretched down several blocks, to Carolina Avenue.

“I heard the noise and saw the blue lights. So I came outside and walked outside down to the edge of the driveway and I saw that the road was blocked all the way right here,” Diane Hedwin said.

Hedwin lives on Carolina Avenue. When she saw the sight, she started listening to a scanner app on her phone.

“All of a sudden, they said go back to Carolina Avenue, Carolina Avenue, he’s attempting to break in,” she said.

She said it was the same address as where she lives.

“She comes to get me, I’m sitting in the bedroom, and she says, 'Gary wake up, there’s someone trying to break in the house,' and I said, 'What!?'” Diane's husband, Gary Hedwin said.

For the next two or three hours, their eyes were glued to the scene right outside their window.

“And that’s when I seen them all coming through my yard with the dogs and all, and they brought the dogs in through here through our backyard and all,” Hedwin said.

One street over on Virginia Avenue, police say the suspect tried to steal a car from a house. Officers say he continued to run and got all the way to a McDonald's in High Point before police there arrested him.

The Hedwins say nothing was broken or stolen from their home, but the fact that someone might have tried to get in worried them all night.

“It was scary, it was really scary because we’ve been here going on five years and nothing has ever happened here,” she said.

Police charged Barnett with two counts of breaking and entering, which are felonies. He's in the Davidson County Jail. Thomasville police say they are investigating if he could be connected to other break-ins in the area as well.

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