Some Carrboro residents want the town to change its name


DURHAM, N.C. — This Orange County town is perhaps like every other town in the Triangle – growing – but its strong reputation as a progressive community may be at odds with the town’s heritage, WTVD reports.

The Town of Carrboro is named in honor of Julian Shakespeare Carr, a man famous for his business in textile mills, and infamous for his role in the Jim Crow era.

At the heart of Carr’s divisive legacy is a speech he gave at the dedication of Silent Sam, the same monument to Confederate soldiers that was just toppled at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

In emails provided to WTVD, 23-year Carrboro resident Deb Aikat’s exchange with town leaders show an understanding and validation of the idea of a name change, but aldermen are worried about the logistics of such a move, including the money it would cost for a complete re-brand.

Still, leaders say they are moving on a proposal to post a “Truth Plaque” on Town Hall.

“The plaque will acknowledge that we are named after the racist who spoke at the unveiling of the Confederate statue and the racist history of the town as well as celebrate our local civil rights heroes and affirm our commitment to continuing to work for social justice,” Alderman Jacquelyn M. Gist wrote according to WTVD. “I expect that the plaque will be unveiled early next year.”

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