Local woman uses recycled aluminum from race cars to make jewelry

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ASHEBORO, N.C. -- There’s the saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," but when one woman gets metal, she makes masterpieces.

Christina Norris gives recycled material a new twist.

Norris uses recycled aluminum from race cars to make jewelry.

“I could probably twist 2,000 a day and it wouldn't bother me,” she said.

She has built a steady clientele through her creativity.

In late February, Norris opened Aluminum With A Twist, a store located on Zoo Parkway in Asheboro.

“I’m getting more and more people finding out that I’m here and coming in and coming for gifts,” she said.

Norris also teaches classes showing others how to use her technique.

She’s open about how reaching her level of success hasn’t been easy.

“My mother had cancer and that's why she was in hospice and then in 2014, I developed cancer, ovarian cancer. Luckily, I'm still cancer free, but it’s been a tough journey because I had to take that one whole year off,” she said.

Before Norris’ mother passed away, she told her to keep being creative and start her own business.

“This was her wish, so it's all for her,” Norris said.

When life handed Norris a few twists and turns, she picked up the pieces and kept going.

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