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Davidson County woman fed up with ‘very, very nasty’ abandoned home near her property

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- A Davidson County woman says she’s fed up with the conditions at an abandoned home in her neighborhood.

“Trees have grown over both back doors,” said the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous. “You got the roof falling apart, it shows mold. I used to keep a 3-year-old and I can't really keep him anymore because of the critters coming out and he wants to play outside”

She reached out to FOX8 after dealing with those conditions for roughly six years.

“I can deal with a mouse, but I can't deal with a rat,” she said.

After making multiple calls and stopping by county offices, we learned that Davidson County does not have a minimum housing or abandoned structure ordinance.

Making the rules would require a lot of manpower (an inspector, zoning officer, attorney) so it would cost taxpayers.

People at the planning and zoning department suggested anyone dealing with this issue go online to the county website and check if the owner is paying taxes on their abandoned property. If they are not, you can report them and the house could go into foreclosure.

The owner of the property in question on Riverview Road Ext. has been paying his or her taxes so officials’ hands are tied. We stopped by the Greensboro address listed on the property owner’s paperwork, no one answered the door.

People who work at the planning and zoning department said abandoned homes were an issue when the economy tanked and creating an ordinance was discussed. Things have improved greatly since then.

The director of the department said that as the county growths, adding the rules will likely be brought up again.

“I would like to see it cleaned up,” said the woman. “When the wind blows a little bit you smell the mold. Every other week you'll smell something dead in the yard. It's very, very nasty.”

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