2 local women make prayer pockets

ASHEBORO, N.C. -- For the last four to five years, Bobbie Frazier and Kay Fetner have been using their hands to get people to open their mouths and talk to God.

They sit down at the sewing table to make pockets.

Instead of holding objects or things, the pockets they make hold prayers.

Frazier and Fetner helped develop Prayer Pocket Ministries.

“And that's our goal is reaching those who are not believers or those who are, but don't really have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ,” Frazier said.

“People will say, 'I can't pray, I don't know how to pray.' Well the way you learn to pray is by praying,” Fetner said.

When people need help finding the words that speak to their situation or developing their prayer life in general, the prayer pockets are intended to provide guidance.

“Each pocket contains five cards and they each cover a different part of your prayer life,” Frazier said.

The topics include acknowledgement, salvation, personal prayers, prayers for your church and prayers for America.

“In order for a spiritual awakening to happen in the United States or anywhere, it has to start right here with you,” Frazier said.

“With everything that goes on in the world, how can you not pray?” Fetner asked.

Along with the five cards, Frazier and Fetner included one card that is blank.

Prayer pocket recipients are encouraged to use that card to write down the names of people to pray for.

The prayer pockets are free and all the supplies to make them are donated.

To learn more, you can visit the Prayer Pocket Ministries website or Facebook page.

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