Body shop owner who helps troubled teens targeted in attempted car theft by teens he was trying to help

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C -- Southside Rides Body Shop in Winston-Salem gives recently released inmates and troubled teens a place to work and learn the automotive business. But it appears one night teens they were trying to help tried to take advantage of the people giving them a chance at a better life.

Dave Moore just wrapped up a summer program for teenagers last Thursday.

“So we cleaned up the shop, we pulled all the cars out. But when we started putting the cars back, the kids were gone and a set of keys was missing,” Moore said.

He says he thought he might have misplaced the keys to one of his vehicles on the lot, but he blocked it in a spot just in case. Later that night, one of his neighbors noticed something suspicious.

“One of my neighbors saw about 10 kids in the parking lot trying to take the car even though we blocked it in,” Moore said.

Surveillance video from a neighboring business shows the lights flashing on the car and people walking around the parking lot to the car.

“I was upset, I am upset. But at the same time, they’re kids, and we need to spank them or something, show them there are consequences,” he said.

He’s working with Winston-Salem police to send a message to kids that their actions have consequences.

“It’s just important for individuals to understand, if you do the crime, you’re going to do the time,” Winston-Salem Police Community Relations Specialist Pam Peoples Joiner said.

She met with Moore on Tuesday about planning the Stop the Violence rally. She says one of the main focuses of the event will be about bringing in parents and the rest of the community.

“It does take a village to raise a child, and as Mr. Moore mentioned, it starts in the household,” she said.

Moore says he wants to turn this negative into a positive and hopes this will teach kids there are people out there who want to help.

“I was very disappointed, but I’m not giving up on them, I will never give up on them,” he said.

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