911 calls shed new light on double homicide at Stonesthrow Apartments

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- 911 calls are shedding new light on what lead up to a double homicide at the Stonesthrow Apartments in Greensboro on Friday night.

On the call, someone tells a dispatcher someone tried to rob him and his roommate. He then tells the dispatcher he shot one of the men.

Greensboro police say Donnie McKoy and Alexis Jackson showed up to a unit here at the Stonesthrow Apartments, an argument started, then several shots were fired. McKoy and Jackson did not live there.

“I saw a rush of cop cars, an ambulance, fire trucks, all going to one of the first few apartments up there,” Marvin Rachel said. He lives at the apartments.

It’s left an unsettling feeling on people who live here.

“Just something needs to be done because this is the second time two homicides have happened out here, so it’s just crazy,” Tristan Gilmore said. She also lives in the complex.

Since the beginning of the year, police have responded to two double homicides, eight calls for assaults and more than a dozen thefts at the complex.

"I don’t feel safe sitting out in my car, you don’t know who is going to come by or do something,” Gilmore said.

City leaders are trying to put an end to the crimes at the complex and all over Greensboro.

“People say, 'How do you stop the killing, well how do you do that?'” Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson said.

She believes a big part of the violence the city has seen is tied to poverty. She, along with the rest of the city council, is working to create more affordable housing, jobs and supporting officers getting into more neighborhoods.

“They are working with people in the community and institutions to identify people that have caused trouble and who do cause trouble, and to take those people out of the community,” Johnson said.

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