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Local family sells home to live in camper with 6 kids and travel the country

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Most parents who had six children might look for a chance to get away.

Stephanie and Austin Openshaw did get away – but they took all six kids (and their dog) with them.

That may not be all that unusual … but selling your house and having all nine (including the dog) pile into a camper where they’ve lived for the last several months, well, that takes a leap of faith.

“I think most of them bought in right away,” says Austin. “Our oldest Pierce was the most hesitant about it, but he is still able to talk to his friends in Arizona and now his pool of friends has doubled since we've left.”

It wasn’t something done on a whim – they’d seen friends do similar things.

“We just kind of fell in love with being on the road and kind of teaching the kids that way to see the U.S. and see different historical sites and everything and how much they learned in one month,” says Stephanie, who grew up in Alamance County.

They do miss family, to a degree, but if something big is happening – like a Holiday – they can be there.

“I think that's the beauty of this is that we can be anywhere at any time,” says Stephanie.

But, really, it all started when Stephanie began noticing the way they lived, back in Arizona, with the six kids.

“One of the things that kind of made us realize we could live in a smaller space is that we lived in a 2,100 square foot home, but they all wanted to sleep in the same room, they were all underfoot,” she says. “It was never, 'I want my own room.' No, they all wanted to stay near each other. So, I'm thinking, 'Why am I cleaning this 21-hundred square foot house, every day?’”

See how they do it, in this edition of the Buckley Report.

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