Woman vacationing in Myrtle Beach says impostor Uber driver tried to lock group in vehicle

Uber logo (Getty Images)

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — A woman on vacation in Myrtle Beach says she and three friends were picked up by a man who posed as an Uber driver and tried to lock them in the vehicle, according to The Sun News.

Jen, 20, who did not want to give her last name, said she was visiting Myrtle Beach with her sister and a friend.

On Aug. 10, the three, along with another young adult they met during the trip, went to Broadway at the Beach.

When they left at 1:30 a.m., they called an Uber.

Jen told the newspaper a driver pulled up but his vehicle did not match what the Uber app said. However, Jen said earlier in their vacation, they had a similar situation with an Uber driver who hadn’t updated his vehicle on the app and there were no issues.

Jen asked if the driver was “Aaron” and the driver said, “Yes.”

Once inside the vehicle, their actual Uber driver noticed via his app that the group he was supposed to pick up was moving. He called Jen to tell her she was in the wrong car.

Jen said she told the group about their situation and, at that point, the driver locked the doors. The group yelled at the impostor Uber driver and got in his face so he couldn’t drive quickly. At that point they were able to open the locks and get out of the vehicle.

After getting out, they were picked up by the correct Uber driver and taken back to their hotel. Jen told the newspaper that because she was on the phone with her Uber driver, she didn’t think about calling the police at the time.

Jen said she was thankful the correct driver called them to let them know what was going on.

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