Trinity family wants justice after dog attack kills pets

TRINITY, N.C. -- A family is demanding action after they say their neighbor’s dog came into their yard and attacked and killed two of their pets.

Lisa Myers says when her family came home Sunday night they found their 15-year-old dog, Coco, near death on the front porch.

“The first thing we saw was just skin hanging under her neck and there was nothing but raw meat showing,” Myers said.

Myers raced to the backyard to check on their other animals and spotted a white pit bull in the fenced in area with the donkeys and goats.

“When I looked out one of the donkeys was standing there and a white pit bull had its hind legs on the ground and it’s front paws were on the donkey’s side and it was just chewing at the donkey,” Myers said.

She started screaming, trying to get the pit bull to let go before noticing the dog had company.

“I looked to the right and there was another large dog in the fence with the pit bull and it was an Irish Wolfhound and it jumped the fence and went through the woods, but I never saw the Irish Wolfhound engage with the donkeys, just the pit bull,” said Myers.

Unfortunately, that night they had to put Coco down.

The next morning they realized their 10-year-old cat was missing.

Myers found tufts of fur matted on the back deck and when she looked further she spotted the cat lifeless in the yard.

“It’s just lots and lots of tears and then it’s just sort of processed to an anger point that our dog and cat had to die in such a cruel way,” Myers said.

Randolph County Animal Control determined both dogs are dangerous and fined the owner.

Michael Robertson says he is sorry for what happened.

He’s never witnessed any aggression from his dogs and is unsure why they attacked the neighbor’s animals.

Robertson says he will surrender both dogs to animal control Wednesday morning.

“It really sucks. I know my kids will be heartbroken, but I feel like it’s the right thing to do because I don’t want it to happen to their animals again or somebody else around here,” Robertson said.

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