‘Shoot me!’ shouted man killed by Durham police

DURHAM, N.C. — “Shoot me! Shoot me!” a man shouted at Durham police, pointing a gun at two officers, according to the Herald Sun.

Both officers then shot at the man and killed him.

Officers attempted to resuscitate Shaun Jeffery Christy, 37, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

After two of Christy’s friends called police with concerns about him, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office obtained an involuntary commitment order on Wednesday, the Herald Sun reports.

Christy had threatened to kill himself and his wife, who was jailed on Tuesday for probation violation, in a phone call to the Compass Center for Women and Families in Chapel Hill. He had also called a crisis hotline.

The center passed the information to the sheriff’s office, which was familiar with Christy after previous domestic violence cases over three years.

Durham police unsuccessfully attempted to find Christy multiple times following tips on his location.

Orange County told police, “Christy has been calling them ‘all day’ in an attempt to speak to his (incarcerated) significant other, so she could hear the gunshot when he killed himself,” Herald Sun reported from the police report.

Police found Christy shortly after 8 p.m. in a Best Buy parking lot.

Officials tried to speak with him, but he pointed an object at police and ran away. Police believe he was holding a gun.

“Christy began pacing erratically with the firearm pointed to his head, repeatedly shouting ‘shoot me, shoot me (expletive),” the report said.

Police told him to put the gun down, but he did not respond.

When he pointed the gun at officers, they responded by shooting him.

Both officers were placed on paid administration leave as per standard procedure.

According to the Herald Sun, Cpl. B.M. Glover joined the Durham Police Department in January 2006 and Officer G.F. Paschall joined the department in February 2015.

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