Family demands answers after Reidsville police officer shoots, kills dog

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REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- A local family is devastated after a Reidsville police officer shot and killed their dog last week.

“My son at 15 years old saw something most people shouldn't see in their life,” said Kevin Paschal, the dog’s owner. “Somebody that was supposed to protect him (Paschals’s son) put him in danger. There were bullets flying that could've went anywhere.”

Paschal is a Greensboro firefighter. He also owns a fencing company. Last week, he says he was meeting at an impound lot with a few people from the Reidsville Police Department, including the police chief, to talk about expanding the space they use for things like evidence.

Paschall says that’s when Officer Glenn Wade pulled in and then pulled out his weapon after the 17-month-old dog, named Auger, started barking.

“When he wants to play he has a loud bark and that's the same bark he started doing on the day he lost his life,” Paschal said.

Reidsville police confirmed that Wade shot and killed the animal. The department is investigating what happened with help from US Investigative Security Services.

In a statement, the department said it sends its condolences to the family. It also said it takes situations where an officer discharges his or her weapon very seriously.

“Auger has never been aggressive, never,” Paschal said. “Auger's greatest aggression is if you have a ball he wants you to throw it.”

Paschal and his family want justice for the dog, a thorough investigation and answers as to why and how this could have happened.

“He didn't go for his taser, he didn't go for his mace, he went straight for a deadly pistol,” Paschal said.

Reidsville police said they are interviewing witnesses, going over available video and reviewing their departmental policies.

Wade has not been placed on leave or administrative duties.

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