Couple mourning loss of beloved pet dog that was mistakenly euthanized at an animal shelter

TAZEWELL COUNTY, Ill. – A couple in Illinois is mourning the loss of their beloved pet dog who was mistakenly euthanized at an animal shelter.

WMBD reported that Tony and Jennifer Wang’s pet dog Moses was recently put to sleep at Tazewell County Animal Control after being mixed up with another dog.

Moses was taken to the animal shelter after he bit a maintenance worker came into the Wangs’ backyard unannounced.

Jennifer Wang said the shelter wanted to keep Moses under quarantine for 10 days to make sure everything was safe.

The couple got a phone call Thursday morning that an animal control employee confused Moses with another dog and had euthanized him.

“I asked him why did you still euthanize him? He told me he was not thinking, he said he didn’t verify, he just went ahead and did it,” Tony Wang said.

Tazewell County Animal Control issued a statement to WMBD that said it regrets the error and is reviewing policies and procedures to prevent anything like this from happened again.

“If he needed to be euthanized which he wasn't, he deserved to be with his family,” said Jennifer Wang. “We should’ve been the last face he seen, instead of a stranger poking him with a stick.”

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