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Guilford County man at center of neighborhood drainage problem

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. – A neighborhood drain problem is trickling down on one resident.

“Over time it gets bigger and bigger,” said Fox Hollow resident Scott Pugh. “You are thinking what’s going on?”

The drain, put in by developers more than a decade ago, sits at the corner of Pugh and two of his neighbors’ property. Three years ago, the soil around it started to erode away.

“We've counted there is probably 20-plus homes that you can see that filter into this one area,” said Pugh.

He’s contacted the county, town of Jamestown and the Department of Transportation about the drain that collects run off from more than a dozen homes.

He bought the home 13 years ago with a drainage easement but didn’t know that easement would fall on him.

“As a first-time home buyer you don't know these things, it’s buyer beware but you don't ever anticipate that.”

Tom Riddle became Pugh’s neighbor just a few short years ago. The drain also sits on his property.

“For it to fall on Scott seems kind of wrong,” said Riddle, who believes a large chunk of the soil loss happened during recent heavy rains. “The people really benefiting are the 10-15 houses that live up on that cul-de-sac not on this street or Scotts’ for that matter.”

The Fox Hollow Home Owners Association sent a camera through the pipe that runs though Pugh’s yard.

Pugh says the association discovered with the camera that the pipe has started collapsing causing water to back up and search for another way out.

Another hole has started to form near the street. Pugh says despite the association looking into the community problem they told him the pipe and drain are on private property and not their problem.

“It’s almost put me at wits end,” said Pugh. “I need help.”

Cost to fix the problem has been estimated to start around $12,000.

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