Triad homeowners battle mosquitoes after heavy rains

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Not only are they a nuisance, mosquitoes can transmit the deadly West Nile Virus.

So after two weeks of heavy rain, homeowners are doing what they can to reduce their exposure to the biting bugs.

Companies like PMI Pest Management and Triad Mosquito Squad are spraying yards and homes, killing current and future mosquitoes. Matt Beam is a staff biologist for Triad Mosquito Squad.

According to his research, we are looking at high mosquito pressure. In other words, there are a lot of mosquitoes to get rid of this season.

"We were getting a lot of customers saying they are seeing more mosquitoes this season even before all of the rain last week," Beam said.

To combat mosquitoes, Triad Mosquito Squad and PMI recommend getting rid of all standing water. That includes water stuck in the bottom of potted plants, tarps and toys left outside. While some homeowners go with chemical treatments, others are going to local hardware stores to find natural products.

"Some people like to keep candles or torches made from citronella," Nursery Specialist Amy Lowe said. Another natural product homeowners are buying is an actual citronella plant.

"They are very fragrant and they keep mosquitoes and flying insects away," Lowe said.

Mosquito activity tends to go down during the fall. The bugs should stop biting after the first or second fall freeze.

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