Guilford County Sheriff’s Office says ‘Reach Out I’ll Be There’ with their #LipSyncChallenge

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Guilford County Sheriff's Office is letting the county know that if you reach out, they'll be there in their brand new #LipSyncChallenge video.

At the request of citizens, the sheriff's office took the #LipSyncChallenge that's been taking over law enforcement agencies across the country.

Their song choice: Michael Bolton's "Reach Out I'll Be There."

"I didn’t realize we had such talented officers in the field of music," said Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes in a news release. "I knew they were great cops but didn’t know about the music. We even have some great dancers, and we have some with two left feet and no rhythm. We’re going to work with them to try and improve."

The sheriff added, "It was a team effort and shows that cops are human. The song sends out the message we hope each citizen realizes. Reach out to us. We’ll be there. My thanks especially to Gina, Mike, Joe, Tracey and Tim. Tim is a retired officer who came back to edit and put this together."

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