Forysth Humane Society transfers 61 dogs after more than 70 seized

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. -- Despite plans to reclaim four more dogs, Fredrick Chriscoe's pack will remain at 15 dogs, according to the Forsyth Humane Society.

The society, in turn, has transferred  61 of the seized dogs to other rescue organizations to make sure they get the care they need.

Chriscoe, 74, made headlines last week when Forsyth County Animal Control seized more than 70 dogs from his home on July 30.

The Foysyth Human Society posted the update to Facebook on Friday, adding a special thank you to the rescues that took 61 of the seized dogs.

The rescues included Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, Stepping Stones Canine Rescue, the Haley Graves Foundation MC and Russell Rescue Carolinas.

Accoriding to the FHS, the society could not take in all the dogs because none of them were fixed and it would take a long time to schedule surgeries for each one.

"We have an obligation to open up kennel space, foster homes and spay neuter appointments for the next animals who come to our shelter," the FHS said. "Transferring animals to other rescues is one important way we will achieve our goal of a 90 percent save rate for Forsyth County shelter animals.”

Chriscoe recently reclaimed 15 of his dogs at a cost of $55 per dog.

The $55 per dog covered the cost of the $25 county license fee and reimbursed $30 per dog to the humane society to cover vaccinations, treating the dogs for fleas, testing for worms and putting in microchips.

The Forsyth Humane Society agreed to pay to have all 15 of Chriscoe's dogs spayed or neutered.

The sheriff's office initially took the dogs with the help of animal control, the humane society and volunteer groups.

Chriscoe cooperated in the seizure and was charged with 79 counts of violating Forsyth County Ordinanace 6-10 Registration of Dog.

Forsyth County Sheriff Bill Schatzman said Chriscoe genuinely cares for the animals and cared for them to the best of his ability, but Chriscoe told officials the animals cost more than he brings in on a fixed income.

The sheriff's office reports the animals were living in poor conditions in what appears to be a hoarding  case. The dogs were not vaccinated.

Chriscoe said he was trying to help stray animals he found.



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