Winston-Salem police officer points gun at Bowman Gray racing driver

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Tempers flared during a race at Bowman Gray Stadium Saturday night and culminated when a Winston-Salem police officer pulled his gun and pointed it at a driver and it's all caught on camera.

It happened during the Stadium Stock Race when drivers Andy Spears and Blake Walker had issues on during the race. It started when Spears' #23 car made contact with Walker's #99 car causing Walker to spin out.

During the caution period caused by the spin, Walker drove his #99 car around to get behind Spears #23 and as both cars drove around the track Walker spun Spears around in apparent retaliation.

With both cars stopped on the track, Walker exited his car and Spears spun his car around in a circle and drove back toward Walker's car, striking the #99 car and causing it to bump Walker who was standing next to it.

Safety crews and off-duty Winston-Salem police who work during the races at Bowman Gray were arriving on the scene just as Walker was exiting his car when Spears spun around and made contact with Walker's car.

A Winston-Salem police officer can be seen in the video with his gun drawn and pointed at Spears.

The officer holsters his weapon after about four seconds.

Both drivers were escorted back to the pits.

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