Greensboro’s ‘Doctor Shine’ has shoe shining down to a fine art

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- While his name is U. Thant Devlin, most people know him as "Dr. Shine."

"I have some clients that have been with me 20 years," said Devlin, who is an expert at shining shoes. "We love people and people come in here, they should sense that it's not just your average shoe shop."

Devlin has the tools and machinery to do everything from minor to major repairs but in the back of his North Westgate Drive shop he's repairing some souls and saving others.

"This is going to be the church," he said. "We are a soul center."

The back of the shop is reserved for a congregation of believers.

"Went to art school at the Art School of Atlanta," said Devlin, who believes divine intervention got him into the shoe business. "If you have a gift, you've embraced your gift, no matter what it may be, so you are going to shine no matter what."

Dr. Shine can be found at First and Ten by Shine Unlimited 104 N. Westgate Drive, Greensboro. You can reach them at (336) 333-9785

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