Day care operator who hung toddler from a noose avoids prison

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Nataliia Karia

MINNEAPOLIS — A home day care worker who hung a 16-month-old with a noose in 2016 will avoid prison time, the Star Tribune reports.

Nataliia Karia, 43, of Minneapolis, pleaded guilty to attempted murder in February.

The Star Tribune reports that Karia received a 10-year probationary sentence, with credit for the 20 months in jail. She must follow court-ordered mental health treatment and electronic home monitoring for at least two months.

On Nov. 18, 2016, a parent who was dropping off their child discovered the boy hanging in the house. He was taken to the hospital and was OK.

After the discovery, Karia fled the scene in a minivan, ran over a pedestrian who was standing near his vehicle, kept going and ran over a bicyclist. The pedestrian was dragged and suffered broken bones. Both survived.

Karia later went to an overpass and threatened to jump, but several passers-by were able to hold her down until police took her into custody.

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