Attention-seeking steer makes it difficult for a man to paint a deck in North Carolina, ‘Oliver wanted attention’

CONOVER, N.C. – Video shows an attention-seeking steer making it difficult for a man to paint a deck in North Carolina.

The woman who posted the video said Oliver, her miniature Jersey steer, has become a spoiled, charismatic and loving companion.

“Oliver wanted attention and was determined to aggravate his daddy until he got some,” she said.

The woman said she rescued Oliver last year from going to an auction and ending up on someone’s plate.

“When we are working in the pasture he always has to be right with us,” she said. “He is always knocking things over, licking things to see if they are eatable. Jobs or chores we do in his pasture takes twice as long because we have to deal with his antics.”

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