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Winston-Salem man a successful, Italian-trained artist

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Louis Guidetti first became aware of his interest in art while in high school.

"I would be listening to the teacher and always doodling," said Guidetti, from his studio along Trade Street. "I always would like it."

But on a family trip to Italy he discovered the work of the old Italian masters.

"It just really inspired me and I got some of art books and just started copying work because that's all I had," he said.

He would eventually go back to Italy to study and learn how to paint at the Florence Academy of Art.

While he'll paint just about anything, his favorite thing to paint is people.

"One of the keys is, doing it off of real life," said Guidetti, who likes to have his subject sit for him. "On the rare occasion I'll go off a picture if the person is deceased."

When you look at his work you'll also notice a spiritual component that includes paintings of Mother Mary and Christ in a style once popular in the early church.

"I really do want the work to come back," he said. "Because I think people need it."

For Guidetti painting is more than art, it's a calling.

"It's important to be doing not just what you want to do or say you are fulfilled in doing but what you feel like you should be doing.

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