Booming business proves Lexington isn’t just for barbecue

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- When most people think of Lexington, they think barbecue

“We know that’s still a very big draw and always will be for Lexington,” said Mayor Newell Clark.

But Lexingtonians want more. In the last few years, Main Street has blossomed with new boutiques, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. New apartments are under construction in a historic building. And just off Main Street, an old farmer’s co-op is a gym – City Fitness.

“Businesses understand our value right now. They understand we’re very affordable. And folks are getting in on the ground level and making that investment and quickly seeing that return,” Clark said.

Mayor Clark tells FOX8 the city is executing its long-term plan to become an easier place to do business through new initiatives and new rules. The plan is working.

“We decided Lexington because I did my research, looked up the mayor – Mayor Newell Clark – saw the plans for the city and what they were trying to do and I thought this was a good place to put it,” said Red Donuts Co-Owner Saro Vay.

Vay and his brother brought their family donut shop from California to Lexington. The two grew up in the city, but Saro left for a faster pace. He says opening Red Donuts on Main Street a year and a half ago was an easy call. Business blew up quickly, so they moved to a larger space this spring.

The city recently had its first bar crawl – something locals we spoke with say they never imagined would happen. But it’s a new Lexington with new businesses and new ideas. And there are a lot more on the way.

“There are bars all around us, which sometimes may not be a good thing,” said The Nature Cottage owner Susan Hilton. “But this night it was. We have a product called sniff stick hangover fix. I can’t tell you how much I sold just sitting there talking to people about what we have here.”

“There’s a lot of a young crowd starting businesses and we want to see this town grow,” Vay added.

That growth will continue. The city is planning to open a 12,000 square foot BMX and Skate park.

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