Pit bull park ban proposed by Charlotte dog owner after attack

American Pitbull Terrier (Getty Images)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte dog owner called for a ban of pit bulls from a local dog park after saying that one attacked her dog, according to WJZY.

The woman posted her story to the neighborhood social networking app Next Door and said that, after the attack, she was afraid  to go back to the McAlpine Dog Park

The poster said she couldn’t fight off the pit bull as it attacked her Labrador, WJZY reports. The incident left her with a vet bill of more than $400.

According to WJZY, the woman argued that dog parks should ban pit bulls due to their “instinctive nature to fight.”

WJZY spoke with other dog owners from the park and found that many disagree with the proposal, stating that it’s “just dogs being dogs” and that “pit bulls have a bad rap.”

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