Nurse hailed a hero for saving 8-year-old girl

When 8-year-old Jaleah nearly drowned at an apartment pool in Atlanta, Megan sprang into action. The respiratory nurse at Children’s Healthcare Atlanta had recently completed CPR training.

Jaleah was on a float when she suddenly fell into the water.

Her dad hopped in to help her but something was wrong: She wasn’t moving and white foam was forming at her mouth.

When Megan saw Jaleah’s father carrying her limp body out of the pool, she rushed over to perform CPR.

Jaleah had no detectable pulse.

After three rounds of CPR, Jaleah finally gasped for air.

After being taken to the hospital, she made a full recovery.

On  Monday, Megan reunited with Jaleah and her family for the first time.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.