Greensboro hot dog stand serves up monstrous 33-inch dog!

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- July 18th is National Hot Dog Day!

To celebrate, FOX8 Foodie found the biggest hot dog in the Piedmont Triad. It stretches on for 33 inches.

You can order it at Maho Bistro Hot Dog stand. It sits outside the courthouse on Greene Street in Greensboro every day.

Marcus Hood cooks up an 11-inch, 22-inch and 33-inch hot dog for people up for a challenge.

The 33-inch dog is called the Goliath. If you can finish it and a bag of chips in 7 minutes, it's free. Plus, you'll get a coupon for another meal.

Watch two men take on the challenge in this FOX8 Foodie report from Shannon Smith.