Greensboro continues to expand on biped plan

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- More people in Greensboro are ditching their cars to bike or even walk to their destination.

"The city has constructed about ten more miles of sidewalks. We've constructed a number of miles of bike lanes," engineer Daniel Amstutz said.

Greensboro's transportation department wants to continue catering to those options.

"We've got a lot more sidewalk projects upcoming in a lot of other needed areas like Yancyville Street and in English Street and West Friendly Avenue," Amstutz said.

They're doing it through the Greensboro Urban Area Biped Plan -- updated back in 2015. Now, they're ready alter that plan to make even more expansions.

Thomas McIver, an avid cyclist, says he's excited to see the city take interest in an area that so many people seem to be moving into.

"This is a safe way where no vehicles come and everyone can enjoy a greenway," he said.

The Greensboro Department of Transportation has a comprehensive plan that includes maps of where these new projects will be.

You can also submit suggestions of where you'd like to see a sidewalk or trail by clicking here.

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