Kids take to the skies in Aero Camp

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- It is a summer camp that takes students to new heights.

For more than 10 years, the Aero Camp at the Carolina Air and Auto Center at Smith Reynolds Airport fifth through ninth graders have learned to soar. Southeast Middle School teacher and camp director Steve Flippin says the camp really lets kids explore.

"They saying goes we add a whole new dimension to life. We go left and right or forward and back as ground bound folks but when we learn to fly we add a whole new dimension... we start going vertical," Flippin said. "So it's always cool to see them get interested in that and take that first flight."

For now, technology helps them to do that. The students use flight simulators to take to the air. They learn all about the instruments and navigation as well as radio communications. In the beginning, many of the students crash their planes repeatedly, but they say they finally caught on.

Southeast Middle School student Haley Solis said she really enjoyed her time "flying."

"You have to use some other controls too like the throttle which operated the power, and the instruments that help you determine how fast you are going and how far you're up in the air and such," Solis said. "I actually managed to land safely on the ground."

The camp is located at the Carolina Air and Auto center at Smith Reynolds airport which exposes the students to the many careers available in aviation.

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