Multiple brides say a make-up artist ruined their wedding day by failing to show up

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Multiple brides are warning people after they said a make-up artist ruined their wedding day by failing to show up.

WTVF reported that Anjelica Schofield decided to hire Brittany Goodrich to be her hair and make-up artist when she was planning her June 30th ceremony.

Goodrich apparently advertises on bridal pages throughout middle Tennessee.

Schofield said Goodrich confirmed the day before that she’d meet her early the next morning to help Schofield and her sister get ready.

“And 8 o’clock came and went and she wouldn’t answer no phone calls,” Schofield said.

Schofield said they repeatedly tried to reach Goodrich, but never heard from her until her sister finally got a call that evening during the reception.

“And she gave her this long story about how she was on the side of the road and her car had broken down,” Schofield said.

Kathryn Owen said Goodrich did the same thing to her four weeks earlier.

Owen and her bridal party had paid Goodrich nearly $800 to do their hair and makeup. But she failed to show up.

In all, WTVF found at least half a dozen brides since April who say Goodrich ruined their big day by either failing to show up or showing up hours late.

Nearly all of the women got the car trouble story or worse. At least two brides said Goodrich didn’t show because she’d supposedly been in a serious car wreck on the way to their weddings.

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