Mural in Greensboro honors man who died after being hit by alleged drunk driver

GREENSBORO, N.C. – A mural off Spring Garden Street in Greensboro has become a memorial for Joey Deweese's friends and family.

Decorated with candles and flowers, Deweese's fiancé Paisley Sellick said the mural captures Deweese perfectly.

“It looks so much like him," she said. "It’s almost like sitting across the table from him."

Deweese was killed by an accused drunk driver going the wrong way on Business 85 on Saturday night.

“You hear about don’t drink and drive, but it took somebody who was so innocent and so important, and who was so against drunk driving," Sellick said. "It’s the last way you would have thought he would have gone.”

The artist, Brian Lewis, said he didn't know Deweese well, but wanted to help his friends and family during a difficult time.

After finishing the portrait in just a few days, Lewis said he's already planning a bigger mural to send a message.

“One in a high traffic, bar area of town would be perfect,” Lewis said. “This kind of loss needs to really open everybody’s eyes.”

Lewis said he hopes the portrait would serve as a reminder of the consequences of drinking and driving.

“Painting this is almost like an oath, to him and my friends to not,” he said.

Funeral services for Deweese will be held on Saturday, according to Sellick.

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