Meet the North Carolina Zoo’s brand new baby rhino

ASHEBORO, N.C. -- FOX8 gives you the first video of the new baby rhino born on July 2 at the North Carolina Zoo. She's the first rhino born at the zoo in 41 years. Zookeepers have been trying to breed the southern white rhinos for more than a decade, but this baby came as a bit of a surprise.

Animal Supervisor Chris Lasher explained, "In the middle of June, we started noticing Linda showing some signs of a pregnancy. White rhinos are pregnant for 16 months. Can you imagine being pregnant for 16 months? But they have absolutely no changes to the their body at all."

On July 3, Linda gave birth to a baby girl rhino. She weighed more than a hundred pounds.

She's already over 150 pounds and will continue to gain about 100 pounds a month for the first year.

Both baby rhinos are now on exhibit in the habitat.

The zoo plans to announce a naming contest in the next few days.