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Kernersville man runs reptile rescue and rehab center

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- Chad Griffin has had a fascination with critters since he was a kid.

"They took me to Flordia as a little fella and I got to go to the gator park and hold a snake and from that point I was hooked," said Griffin, who today is surrounded by snakes and reptiles from around the world. "We probably have a thousand in our care at any given time."

Griffin started the Reptile Rescue and Rehab Center in Kernersville. One of his main missions is to rescue and give medical attention to injured box turtles that he says sadly people intentionally hit while they cross the road.

"We wanted to help," he said.

You can tour the center and Griffin makes appearance for schools and groups, all to help educate people about snakes and reptiles. He's also gotten a lot of attention with his episodes of Reptile Wrangler, which you can find on his website and YouTube.

"We want to do the best we can to keep them safe but also be a spokesman for them," Griffin said. "If you are afraid of them that's OK."

‚ÄčThe center is located at 821 S. Main St. Suite-K in Kernersville. You can find his episodes online at