2 taken to the hospital after 4-vehicle collision in Winston-Salem

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A man police say drove the wrong way on University Parkway in Winston-Salem is suffering from life-threatening injuries.

Three other cars were involved in the crash. The drivers of those cars are expected to be OK.

Police were at the scene for nearly six hours, cleaning up the wreckage and trying to piece together what caused the crash.

Bobby Grubb works off University Parkway. He came across the wreck on his way to work before 7 a.m. and was shocked at what he found.

"Well there were four cars over there. And one of them was halfway on its side over here and one was beat up pretty bad. It's just a terrible looking wreck," Grubb said.

That was the scene after police say a 69-year-old man drove the wrong way down University Parkway, causing a massive backup for hours. Four cars were piled up along the road. Shattered glass and crunched up metal were scattered along the roadway.

Winston-Salem police say Handy Junior Green, of Rural Hall, crossed the median of University Parkway near Polo Road for an unknown reason. Police say he kept driving, then hit a Nissan head on. This crash caused two other cars to crash as well.

The noise from the collision was so loud it woke up neighbors blocks away.

"There was a super loud noise at around 6:30ish and my dad came running outside because he thought something hit our house," Alexandra Crandall said.

She's lived in this house for three years and she's never seen another accident on this road. She ran out the door right behind her dad.

"Three other neighbors also came running out of their house. And pretty much it woke up the whole neighborhood and no one really knew what was going on," she said.

Winston-Salem's Traffic Enforcement Unit spent hours trying to learn what happened here Tuesday morning. Crews took pictures and investigated every angle of the crash.

Six hours later the road opened up. It's a sight neighbors will surely remember for a long time.

The drivers of the two other cars that were not involved in the head-on crash both walked away without injuries.

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