‘Midtown Greensboro’ community brand catches on

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A community in Greensboro has been working to brand itself and now we can see things are starting catch on.

About a year and a half ago, the city of Greensboro put up signs officially marking the area on Battleground Avenue northwest of downtown as “Midtown.”

Now, if you drive though there you’ll notice that name on a bunch of signs.

Places like 1618 Midtown, Midtown Financial Advisors and Midtown Apartment Homes have renamed themselves to go with the branding.

Just a few months ago, a shopping center across from the Sheetz gas station became Midtown Village. A manager in one of the stores in there told us she’s hopeful the attention to the area will bring in new business.

“We are a business that's been here a long time but I think for some years people have just driven by and never stopped,” said Eileen Hermann, the manager of If It's Paper. “The more there is to keep people in this Midtown area, the more excited we are about business.”

Marty Kotis has been developing the area for at least two decades.

“I think people like having a sense of community and where things are,” Kotis said about the Midtown brand.

He said that if the name doesn’t stick, some of the images in the area might.

Artists have painted massive murals on multiple buildings in the area recently. An image of Wonder Woman is on one side of Red Cinemas.

Kotis says we should expect more to come.

“I want to bring in shops and restaurants and world-class art,” Kotis said. “I want to create a must see area for Greensboro.”

Hermann says there is still some work to be done when it comes to the Midtown brand.

“People that live in this area do know the renaming of it, but I don't think everyone does yet,” Hermann said.

She’s hopeful people soon will.

Right now in that area, work is being done to expand the Pig Pounder Brewery.

The greenway is also supposed to come through that area. Kotis has plans to develop around that area and Red Cinemas.

A grocery store is also expected to open in Midtown.

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