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Police in Greensboro are warning homeowners to lock up their property before heading on vacation

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Police in Greensboro are warning homeowners to lock up property before heading on vacation this summer.

Community Resource Officer Greg Kiser said Monday that officers typically see an increase in home break-ins during the summer months.

"We have both wealthy neighborhoods and lower neighborhoods that are being hit equally as hard," he said.

Kiser said that while there aren't specific neighborhoods being targeted, police do notice a pattern among break-ins.

"They'll knock, and if there's no answer and they don't hear anything, they'll typically go around to the back. They'll do the same thing and if they don't hear anything they'll pretty much assure that no one is in the residence and they'll go ahead and force the door open at that point," he said.

Greensboro police responded to a combined 250 home break-ins in May and June. A spokesperson with the police department says those numbers are consistent with last year's response.

The number of reported break-ins increased from 96 in March to 142 in April. Statistics show the number falling to 123 in May.

Kiser urges homeowners to make sure all doors are locked, put their lights on a timer, and set up TVs or radios in advance while out of the house.

"Use your deadbolts, use your locks, make sure your shrubbery is cut back so you can't hide anywhere," Kiser said.

He suggested giving a key to a trusted neighbor, and having them keep a watchful eye on your house. Finally, he says homeowners should wait before posting vacation photos on social media.

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