Three recent fatal wrecks in the Triad all have a pattern of victims not wearing seat belts

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In the last two weeks, across the Triad, there have been three fatal wrecks involving the driver or passenger not wearing a seat belt.

In North Carolina, the current seat belt usage rate is 91.7 percent. The concern is the other 8.3 percent not buckling up.

So far, this year, there have been 456 fatalities on the road, according to NC Division Zero. Nearly a third of those involved a driver or passenger not buckling up.

"How long does it take to put your seat belt on? That could mean the difference between going home to your family or having less injuries then what you receive because there's really not much of a warning when a crash occurs," said Master Trooper Brandon Baker.

A reminder, you could face a fine up to $179 if you don't click it on the road.

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