Davidson County fireworks store teaches safety along with their sales

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- People are packing fireworks stands across the state to buy some fireworks ahead of the holiday. They're loud, colorful and bright, but they also can pose a risk.

That's why Artificier Fireworks in Davidson County makes sure to teach safety along with their sales.

"If it's a dry area, wet it, make sure you're not near any power lines or trees, keep the kids away, light it and get away," Brandi Greene said.

Greene works at Artificier Fireworks. She's also taken two of their safety classes.

Davidson County Fire Marshal Danny Ward takes the store's classes every year.

"He'll cover a consumer grade firework with a piece of plywood and it will actually shoot a perfect circle through a three quarter inch piece of plywood," Ward said.

That's just from a firework you can buy in the store. The one's people might be bringing in from out of state can be even more dangerous.

"You can be impaled by a firework, you run the risk of burn injuries, the explosive power of the firework itself could be enough to take your fingers off," he said.

That's why Ward and his team keep a close eye on all fireworks sales. This week they focus on checking the planned shows. They have to pre-check the shows, check during the show and do another check afterwards as well. The fire marshals do this in order to make sure all of the spectators will be safe.

On top of making sure the planned shows go smoothly, they also have to be on alert for any unscheduled ones. Ward said sometimes groups and clubs will try to put on shows without a permit, but they have to put a stop to that.

"Well every year there's someone or a group of subjects that want to have a backyard fireworks show," Ward said.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, the most common burns from fireworks are from sparklers. And most of the people who go to the hospital from firework burns are kids.

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