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Thomasville couple gets dream wedding at Bella Collina Mansion after canceled ceremony

STOKESDALE, N.C. - One couple's loss became another couple's blessing.

High school sweethearts, Nicole and Wesley Bodenheimer, were planning on tying the knot Nov. 1 at The Barn at Royal Gait. But that all changed last week when another couple decided to call off their wedding, just two days before, at Bella Collina Mansion in Stokesdale. The staff at Bella Collina turned to social media to see if anyone would like to get married in 48 hours.

"Nicole and Wesley were the first people to reach out to us," said Erin Stafford, with Bella Colina. "They came and toured at 9 a.m. the next morning, sealed the deal and we planned the weeding in about five hours."

The Bodenheimers picked up half the tab to help out the couple who had called it quits, meaning they got a $15,000 wedding for half the price. The price included cater, photographer, DJ, limo and venue. The couple skipped the invitations and just called everyone. Within two days everything fell into place, even down to their attire.

"Everywhere we went, including getting me ring, it was in my size and was the design I wanted," Wesley said. "It was the only one they had and they had the exact same shirts for the groomsman, exact size slacks, ties, suspenders and the same for the bridesmaid dresses. The wedding dress was altered in four hours."

"I went straight from trying it on to the rehearsal dinner," Nicole said. "We had to put trust in everybody else and it turned out amazing, it turned out better than I could have planned."

People fell in love with the couple's love story of fate, which gained national attention, including Fox News, and Yahoo. They hope to pay it forward by giving their original wedding location and deposits to another couple.

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