People asking for change at high-risk Greensboro intersection

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- People are requesting a change at a high-risk intersection in Greensboro.

Cars race down Air Harbor Road, sometimes threatening the safety of drivers turning off Bass Chapel Road.

"You have to look three or four times before you can actually cross over, because you never know when somebody's going to be flying up the street," said Diane Olivario, a concerned homeowner.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation recently posted a two-direction arrow sign at the intersection, but some people are not convinced the new signage will help.

"It's not going to do anything because they're not going to listen to a sign. They're going to see it and just do what they feel like," Olivario said.

Homeowners near the intersection are pushing for a better solution to get drivers to slow down.

"The only way it's going to be safer, I think is if they put a traffic light, then people have to listen," Olivario said.

In addition to a traffic light, neighbors say they would like to see the shape of the intersection changed, a roundabout, or a three-way stop.

Greensboro police say this year they have responded to four crashes at the intersection of Air Harbor Road and Bass Chapel Road.

Air Harbor Rd & Bass Chapel Rd, Greensboro, NC 27455