Road crews see increase in pothole complaints in the Triad

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- It's a headache we all want to avoid on the roads -- potholes. If you hit one, you could be out hundreds of dollars.

"You have to zig-zag to get through these potholes and things," Pat Hunt said.

She drives on Thomasville roads all of the time. If you're driving around this area, it's hard to avoid the potholes.

"Holly Hill has quite a few and then if you go down 109, it's doing the same thing," Mary Galindo said.

It seems like they are just about everywhere. We see it year after year, but this year, it seems there are even more on the road to avoid.

So far this year, NCDOT has logged 543 reports of potholes in Davidson County. Compare that to last year, when NCDOT got 271 pothole calls in the county. That's almost exactly double the amount of calls.

"Sometimes you get right up on one before you even notice and then it's too late," Hunt said.

It's worse in Davidson County than in Forsyth and Guilford counties. Halfway through the year, NCDOT tells us they've received 489 pothole calls in Forsyth County and 301 in Guilford. Again, that's nearly double the amount of reports from this time last year.

"They say it's because a lot of the bad weather we had this year. Especially in the winter time we had a lot of snow and a lot of ice." Hunt said.

The weather is at least partly to blame. DOT officials say because of the rough winter, moisture got in the roads, froze, then thawed. That happened a few times this winter, leading to more of a headache on the roads this year.

DOT says another reason for the spike is that more people are actually reporting the potholes. You can report a pothole on their website.

As far as getting them fixed, it's first come first serve. The faster you report a problem, the sooner it will get fixed. And if you have damage from driving over a pothole, you can report a claim to the NCDOT.

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