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Randolph County man has object thrown at car while driving on interstate

SEAGROVE, N.C. -- Thousands of people drive up and down Interstate 73/74 in Randolph County this time of year. Out of the thousands of drivers, Wednesday evening Phil Morgan was the one hit with misfortune.

"I heard a boom," he explained. "[It] scared the heck out of me. I said, 'Well I blew a tire' ... and then I say, 'I got new tires I can't have blown a tire.'"

Morgan says he was driving south near the New Hope Church Road exit headed back home to Seagrove when he heard the loud noise. Moments later he got off the highway and pulled into the nearest gas station.

"I look and I say all my tires are up and then I looked up and I see this. I said, 'Somebody shot my window out,' because it was such a loud boom," he said.

He says after deputies were called, he discovered that it may have been a rock or similar object that was thrown at his car rather than a bullet.

"A second earlier it would've been in my face," Morgan said.

The Randolph County Sheriff's Office says that minutes prior they got reports of two men in the same area throwing barbwire onto the highway. Morgan says he too noticed two men hanging out in the place Tuesday.

"I know I wasn't targeted but I just know that somebody is going to hurt somebody out there," he said.

Deputies tell FOX8 that they are keeping a close eye on the area. So far, they have not found whoever is behind it.