Greensboro looking for future leaders with City Academy program

GREENSBORO, N.C. – There are so many components that make a city work, many of those components happening behind the scenes, but the City of Greensboro is giving their residents a chance to learn all about it through a program called City Academy.

The mission is to develop future leaders and build a better community by having well informed citizens.

"I think it is really important for people to understand where their tax dollars go and what the city is actually providing, I think we have some of the best city services in the country and it is sort of a well-kept secret," said Amy Murphy, a 2017 City Academy graduate.

The 11-week program takes place in the fall. Classes take place on Thursday evenings and every week you learn about a different department within the city. The goal is to make it fun and interactive.

"Field operations was the most fun we got to do a relay race, we learned how to pick up a garbage can with the big claws, drive a lawn tractor, fill up a pot hole, just all kinds of fun," said Murphy.

City Academy is a free program however you do need submit an application. Click here to fill one out. Applications must be submitted by June 30.