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Bed and breakfast in High Point competing for international award

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- When you think of trendy boutique hotel locations, you probably think of large cities like Austin, Texas, or far off places like Costa Rica and Kenya.

But after an extensive three-year renovation, you might have to add High Point to the list.

Louise Traficanti is the creative director for Eastern Accents. Eastern Accents is the new owner of Pandora's Manor located at 407 W. High Ave. in High Point.

"When we came here and saw the house it had great bones, but it needed a lot more layers," Traficanti said.

So six designers, including a team from the Piedmont, made major upgrades to the home that was built in 1905. Traficanti describes a downstairs bedroom that was re-imagined.

"This room was designed by Madcap Cottage. The designers upholstered the walls in fabric and this room uses over 200 yards of fabric in the room," she said.

Traficanti said the bedroom has a look that resembles a cottage that you would find in the United Kingdom. The changes throughout the home have modern touches that remain true to Pandora's history.

"This is the original dining room which has the ribbed oak paneling just like the entry way," Traficanti said.

With the interior finished, designers are now turning their attention to the exterior. Pandora's Manor is calling the new outdoor space "High Point's Central Park."

"We are hoping we can integrate it with the community and have outdoor movies and concerts and wine tastings and festivals," Traficanti said. "It's a home we want everyone to be proud of and experience."​

Mena Parrish is the general manager of Pandora's Manor. She believes the changes at the home reflect the improvements happening in the downtown area.

"This area, the multipurpose stadium, the new hotel, the children's museum, it's all within walking distance of where we are," Parrish said.

The bed and breakfast is also hoping to add another title: winner of Design et al Magazine's International Hotel and Property Award.

"It's kind of like the Oscars, just to be nominated, but we really want to win it," Parrish said.

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