Rockingham County woman overcomes setbacks, volunteers at outreach center that helped her

EDEN, N.C. -- Every time life has punched Nicole Boswell, she gets back up to fight again.

"I live off of the three Ps," Bowell said. "Prayer, persistence and perseverance."​

So when Boswell became homeless, she didn't get down, she got to work. Boswell took advantage of the resources at the "Home of Refuge Outreach" in Eden. Melissa Galloway is the executive director and founder of the outreach center. Galloway recalls meeting Boswell for the first time.

"Nicole is a go getter, nothing stops her. She goes after what she wants," Galloway said.

Boswell quickly moved on to her own apartment and earned a certificate to be a case worker in North Carolina. She credits the resources at the center for helping her get back on her feet.

"Nicole is very valuable," Galloway said "Sometimes I didn't know what to do and then she came along."​

Boswell is giving back to the center that helped her by volunteering. She processes the paperwork of incoming clients, or as the "Home of Refuge Outreach" calls them "neighbors." Boswell also uses her administrative background to teach workshops.

"I do the resumes, cover letters, internet searches and we post jobs for the neighbors," Boswell said.

While she is no longer homeless, Boswell still has challenges to overcome. But she is not going to stop showing the "Home of Refuge Outreach" how much she cares.

"I am still going to volunteer. It's in my spirit," said Boswell.

To learn more about "Home of Refuge Outreach," check out their Facebook page, Home Of Refuge Outreach, Inc.​