Students at Hanes Magnet Middle School in Winston-Salem come up with recipes — that have insects!

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Bugs are in the food at Hanes Magnet Middle school in Winston-Salem -- not in the food served to the students but to the teachers!

Students in the seventh grade were able to get extra credit if they came up with a recipe that included insects as the main source of protein. They had to research the recipe and then why eating insects is actually healthy and good for the environment.

They came up with cookies, cupcakes and even stir-fry. They called it the "Protein Power Project".

According to Jim Weiss, the seventh-grade science teacher, it is a real learning opportunity.

"Insects uh.. sound like a disgusting thing but in other countries its not a disgusting thing and we want the kids to know its not necessarily disgusting its something that actually solves hunger issues and can make us a lot healthier," he said. "We like the kids to think outside the American box."

They used everything from mealworms to crickets and scorpions.

"It's being a risk taker, which is something we encourage our students to do all the time, then we are modeling the very behavior that we want to see in our kids," says Courtney Haas a seventh-grade social studies teacher.

It was a project the students really seem to get into even if it was out of curiosity.

Seventh-grader Aralyn Russell said, "I was really grossed out the whole time. But it was fun."

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