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Men’s Health: Becoming a Dad

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It is just as important for fathers to begin holding and bonding with their babies immediately following birth as it is with mothers. However, men tend to be a bit more anxious about holding newborns than women are. The more fathers step into the role of consoling their babies, the more at ease and confident they become. Cone Health created “Daddy Bootcamp” after recognizing the need to educate men in the community about parenthood to help them step into their role as dad more confidently and become a better partner in their child’s care.

This course offers dads-to-be the tools and knowledge needed to feel confident on their journey to becoming new fathers. This course offers them the tools and knowledge needed to feel confident on their journey to becoming new fathers. Veteran dads who have been trained as coaches, teach dads-to-be how to hold, comfort, diaper, swaddle and play with their infant while being able to support the new mom as well. This is a class for men, taught by men, and the only females allowed to participate are infants under six months old. What makes the class a success is the rookie dads see a veteran dad with their 4-month-old on their lap or in their arms and they start to sense that they can do this!

Most of the new dads to be are a little shaky when they arrive, and we always ask who was told to attend by their partner or who gave up 3 hours on a Saturday to come on their own. Either way, within the first 15 minutes of boot camp, all of the guys are glad they came. As instructors, getting to watch a Dad-to-be who has never held, changed, burped, or soothed a crying baby gain the confidence to care for their child and provide meaningful and genuine support to the new mom makes it all worth it. It’s always a joy to see these dads return as veterans to help out the next group of men.

Bootcamps are held at both Women’s Hospital in Greensboro and at Alamance Regional Medical Center in Burlington.

To register at Women’s Hospital go can go to follow the prompt to Attend a Class and select Daddy Boot Camp. At Alamance Regional Hospital, you can register at or by calling The LiveWell line at 336-586-4000.

Spokesperson Background:

Joe Davis is the director of Supply Chain Operations with Cone Health and a Daddy Boot Camp Instructor at Cone Health Women’s Hospital. Davis received his Bachelor of Arts in political science from North Carolina A&T State University.

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