3rd annual FOX8 Community Baby Shower a huge success

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The third annual FOX8 Community Baby Shower has ended and the campaign was a huge success! Our generous viewers donated diapers, wipes, clothes, cribs, bath supplies, swaddles, bouncy chairs and strollers to help new babies get a good start in life.

From Albaad in Rockingham County, which donated enough wipes to fill a bus and a van, to the consignment shop “It’s Time to Consign” that’s going out of business and gave everything leftover in its showroom to the little boy named Grayson who contributed the diapers he outgrew too quickly, every donation makes a difference.

For the third year, FOX8 partnered with Family Services and Family Service of the Piedmont to get critical supplies to families in need. The agencies say the FOX8 Community Baby Shower donations will help hundreds of local babies.

“We definitely appreciate the support the community has provided for the healthy start program. In supplying all the items for our participants,” said Donita Williams, lead healthy start caseworker with Family Service of the Piedmont.

“A lot of families who suffer from economic disadvantage in Forsyth County are headed by a mom, a single parent,” said Michelle Melton, with Family Services. “She’s trying to get a better job, she’s trying to go to school, she’s trying to make sure her kids are taken care of and when the community can come together and help like that, she’s off to a better start.”

And it’s more than just stuff. Your donations to the FOX8 Community Baby Shower are life-changing.

“It’s not a ‘grab the items for the babies, here you go, bye,’” said Maria Rebella, with Family Services. “It’s a communication, an interaction, so we not only provide the items for the babies, we provide other resources in the community.”

No one knows that better than Aapri Chavis, who received donations through the first FOX8 Community Baby Shower. At the time, she was working and going to school full-time and the FOX8 Community Baby Shower was a hand up when she and her family needed it most.

“I had the weight of the world on me, so when I received that, I was super happy, I was super grateful and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart for that,” Chavis said.

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