Mom claims teen who drowned in pool was bullied, pushed in

HENRICO, Va. — A teen boy has died after being found unconscious at the bottom of a swimming pool, WWBT reported.

It happened around 5:30 p.m. Friday.

The boy’s mother, Angie Morton, posted on Facebook, claiming he was bullied:

According to Angie Morton, her son was pushed into the deep end by almost a dozen boys who pretended to be his friend, WWBT reported.

She said her son had a learning disability and was often bullied.

She said that almost immediately after he got there, he was allegedly pushed into the deep end, hit his head, then sunk underwater.

Angie Morton says the pool was packed with people — but no one helped her child.

“My son was at the bottom of the pool for over three minutes, and they looked at him and was like ‘oh, he playing,'” said Angie Morton.

“My son died because these little boys dared him and forced him into the pool,” she said. “I think someone killed my son, because they say everyone ran and left my son in the water.”

Police say the drowning is being investigated.


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